Come with Marcus

The Gospel of Mark

The gospel booklet and the videos are linked by a phone app:- simply point your phone's camera at the pictures embedded within the gospel text, and the matching Storykeepers video extract will be loaded for you, re-telling the story.

Come with Marcus draws together the acclaimed Storykeepers series of video animations and the Gospel of Mark.

Storykeepers still image

The booklets come in boxes of 100. Prices are...

£3.00 each for split boxes (that is less than 100 copies);
£2.50 each when you buy a box or more (100+);
and £2.00 each for 5000 upwards.

The phone app is free to download.

Ideal for children aged 7 and upwards.

As well as the gospel and app, there are resources to help you organise follow-up events and parties for Come with Marcus recipients, and collective worship resources for school assemblies.

The Good News of Jesus needs to be heard more than ever: in these very troubled times, many are asking spiritual questions and want to know more about God.

What is £3 for the salvation of a child?

Please help us to offer the world 'Come with Marcus'!

Come with Marcus - available to order online!

Or if you have questions, please email Ross Coad at - and include your phone number.

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